bet on lt stock ahead of budget 2023 36 of 37 experts gave buying advice

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Budget Stock 2023: Both individuals and stock market investors have high hopes for Budget 2023. There are expected to be some major announcements from Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman which will boost infrastructure stocks after the 2023 budget. With this expectation, you can bet on L&T stock.

L&T shares closed at Rs 2,216.90 on Tuesday, up 3.73 percent. So far this year, it has given a profit of Rs 127.45 per share. Motilal Oswal’s Chandan Taparia has a buy recommendation on five stocks ahead of the 2023 budget, including NCC, Cummins India, Siemens, KNR Construction along with L&T.

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This stock with a market capitalization of Rs 300354.4 crore has given a return of more than 28 percent in the past six months. Experts are so bullish on this moderate-risk stock that 36 out of 37 have given buy advice on it. 18 analysts have given an immediate buy rating. At the same time, only one analyst is advising to sell.

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Profitmart Securities head of research Avinash Gorakshkar said: “With infrastructure being one of the most employment-generating sectors after agriculture, it is expected to receive special attention in the upcoming budget. Ahead of the 2023 budget NCC, KNR Construction , Cummins India, it makes sense to buy stocks like L&T etc.”

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