Bhiwandi Crime | Bhoiwada police arrested the defendant on the run after killing a minor.

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Bhiwandi: Bhoiwada Police arrested Dayanand Gangaram Pamula (56), the escapee accused in the murder of a younger brother, who went to question the person who made obscene gestures after seeing the younger sisters.

According to information received, on 13 February, Dayanand Gangaram Pamula, who lived opposite, was performing obscene acts after seeing two sisters standing in front of the house in Karivali village, near Bhiwandi town. Due to which Dayanand had a fight with his relatives. Meanwhile, Siddharth Shivshankar Maurya, the younger brother of the girls, rushed to the place and started talking about the fight and the sexual abuse of the sisters. During the conversation, the defendant Dayanand took out a knife and stabbed Siddharth several times and killed him. he killed without a doubt. proof of his residence Escape without leaving.

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Four teams formed in search of the accused

Considering the seriousness of the crime, four teams under the leadership of Deputy Police Commissioner Navnath Dhawale, Deputy Police Commissioner Sunil Vadke and Senior Police Inspector Ankush Bangar from Bhoiwada Police Station were searching for the absconding defendant. The police team had gone to his hometown to arrest the defendant. But the investigation revealed that the accused absconder had returned to Bhiwandi again. A police team consisting of Inspector RP Darade, Havaldar Suke, Songire, Sawant, Kavde, Palvi, Alapure set a trap and the face of Dayanand Pamula, who was working in a factory in Khoni, was covered in darkness.

defendant arrested

In order not to be recognized at Bhiwandi, the accused had changed his usual attire by removing his hair from his head. But the police team finally manages to arrest him.

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