Big blow for Dipa Karmakar, ITA bans him for 21 months for doping

India’s star gymnast Dipa Karmakar has suffered a major setback. The International Testing Agency has suspended Dipa Karmakar for 21 months for doping. The International Testing Agency has considered Deepa as accused of doping. She will now be banned until July 10, 2023.

There is bad news for fans of star gymnast and Khel Ratna Award winner Dipa Karmakar. Deepa Karmakar has been suspended for 21 months. This ban has been imposed by the International Testing Agency on Deepa, as she has been found guilty of taking the banned drug Hygenamine.

According to the information, Deepa Karmakar’s samples were eliminated from the competition on October 11, 2021. After this, Deepa’s test has been positive in the investigation, for which she has been found accused of doping. It has been banned by the ITA until July 10, 2023. Please note that the medicines used by Deepa are prohibited to be used outside or inside the competition.

deepa used them

Testing of Deepa’s samples revealed that she had used Hygemin S3 Beta 2, the use of which is prohibited. The International Doping Agency has placed these drugs in the prohibited category. If a player is found to be using these drugs, they are banned.

According to the information, this test was carried out in Deepa in the year 2021. In this regard, the International Doping Agency reported that Deepa has tested positive. This test was carried out on October 11, 2021 by the International Federation of Gymnasts, whose results have been positive. It should be noted that, after this test, Deepa has not participated in any competition. At the same time, in 2018, she underwent knee surgery, after which she has been continuously recovering.

Made India proud at the Olympics

We tell you that Deepa Karmakar had brought laurels to India at the Rio Olympics held in the year 2016. She was the first gymnast to represent India at the Olympic Games. Ella deepa had secured fourth position at the Rio Olympics. She was in the news even without winning a medal. At the beginning of 2014, at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, Deepa had won the bronze medal.

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