Bill Gates makes Indian bihari style bread Pm Modi Share Video Chef Eitan Bernath

Bill Gates makes chapati: A video of Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, is going viral on social media, showing him making Indian-style rotis. PM Modi has shared this Bill Gates look on his Instagram story.

In the video, Bill Gates is seen with Chef Eater Burton. Together they knead the dough with a spoon and then spread out both rotis. The video was first shared by Chef Bernath on his Twitter page. In the caption of the video on Twitter, Burton wrote: Bill Gates and I had so much fun making Indian bread together. I have just returned from Bihar, India, where I met one of the farmers.”

Didi’s Kitchen mentioned
While thanking the farmers, Bernath also mentioned the ‘Didi Ki Rasoi’ canteen, saying that the women taught them the nuances of making bread. He wrote: “Kudos to the women in Didi’s kitchen canteen, thanks to whom I have been able to master the roti.”

Bill teaches how to make roti
Introducing Bill Gates at the beginning of the video, he says that today I am making homemade bread with Bill Gates. As he talks to Bill Gates, he tells him that he makes his bread with Indian bread. During this, he recounts that he recently traveled to India, where he obtained information on how to make Indian bread.

After this, Bernath and Bill together knead the dough by mixing it with water. After kneading the dough, Bill Gates is also taught to roll bread. After the bread is rolled, it is baked on a griddle and a good ghee is applied to it. Bill Gates says that after eating bread with ghee, very good.

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