Bo Xilai scandal: Former police chief jailed for 15 years

wang lijun

Wang Lijun charged with cover-up in Neil Heywood murder case

A Chinese court has sentenced former police chief Wang Lijun to fifteen years in prison in the famous Bo Xilai political scandal case.

Earlier, during a two-day trial in Chengdu last week, Wang Lijun was found guilty of dereliction of duty, abuse of office and bribery, as well as attempting to cover up the murder of a British businessman.

He has accepted his guilt in court.

In February this year, Wang Lijun asked the US Embassy in China for help in the murder case of British businessman Neil Haywood. Because of this, this matter had caught fire.

Gu Kailai, wife of Bo Xilai, who played an important role in Chinese politics, has been found guilty of the murder of Neil Heywood.

neil haywood murder case

In this case, the sentence against former police chief Wang Lijun has been handed down at a time when the selection exercise for new leaders is about to start in China in the coming weeks.

Analysts say this shows how Chinese leaders want to deal with the Bo Xilai case.


Gu Kailai is sentenced to death for the murder of Neil Heywood

Bo Xilai’s political career has come to an end after his wife Gu Kailai’s hand was tried in the Neil Haywood murder case.

Gu Kailai has been sentenced to death for the murder of Neil Heywood, which is currently on hold.

Former police chief Wang Lijun was accused of covering up the case.

As Wang’s trial ended on Tuesday, a court official read a statement that the defendant had not contested the charges against him.

The BBC correspondent says the former police chief was complacent in the murder of a British businessman.

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