Bomb blast at Peshawar mosque in Pakistan Police express grief over loss of friends

Bomb blast in Pakistan: On Monday (January 30) there was a suicide bomb attack on the mosque in Peshawar, Pakistan. In this fifteen-year attack, 101 people lost their lives and more than 200 people were injured. After this attack, the Pakistani policeman said that in his fight against rising terrorist extremism, he was handed over to the animals.

Dozens of police officers have died in this suicide attack. A suicide bomber dressed in a police uniform stormed a high-security compound in Peshawar on Monday (January 30) and blew himself up during evening prayers at a mosque, the deadliest attack Pakistan has seen in years.

Attacks Happen Continuously

While giving an interview to the foreign news agency AFP, the Pakistani police officer said that we were in shock after the attack. Every day our police colleagues are dying. How long will this continue and how much will we tolerate?

A police officer said that if security personnel are not safe, how will other people in the country be safe? The police authority said that the general public has also been killed in this bomb blast. He said that the terrorists carried out this fidayin attack to avenge the police action against the continuous attacks by Islamic groups in the area adjacent to the border with Afghanistan.

terrorists have a chance

A Pakistani junior officer said that we are at the forefront of this fight. We have been protecting schools, offices and public places, but today we feel isolated. The country has tied our hands and thrown us to the animals.

General elections will be held in Pakistan only after some time. On this, many politicians in the country blame each other for the deteriorating security situation. Along with this, Pakistan is also facing a very serious economic crisis. Analysts say the lack of a good leader has given terrorists a chance to regroup and attack the country.

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