Bribery | Land Registrar Officer Caught Taking Bribes, ACB Takes Action


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Aurangabad: Despite the fact that the Anti-Corruption Bureau takes action against bribers in the district every day, bribers do not give up taking bribes due to greed. On Monday, the CBA arrested 51-year-old Saloba Laxman Vetal, who was working as a deputy superintendent at the district Gangapur tehsil Land Registry Office, while she accepted a Rs 30,000 bribe.

ACB Police Superintendent Sandeep Atole said the whistleblower had requested Saloba Laxman Vetal, who worked in the Class-2 Deputy Superintendent position at the Land Registry Office, to count his cultivation. After that, the deputy superintendent of bribery, Saloba Vetal, demanded a bribe of Rs 40,000 from the whistleblower to count the cultivation of her. After that, in the agreement reached between the two, the plaintiff agreed to pay Rs 35,000. On the other hand, because he did not want to pay the bribe to the whistleblower, he came to the Anti-Corruption Bureau office located in Aurangabad and drafted a complaint against defendant Saloba Vetal.

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Case registered at Gangapur Police Station

The defendant expressed his desire to accept the bribe on Monday. The CBA officials, having laid a trap beforehand, arrested Saloba Vetal red-handed while accepting a bribe of Rs 30,000 out of the Rs 35,000 as per the agreed deal. This action was completed by Aurangabad ACB SP Sandeep Atole, Police Additional Superintendent Vishal Khambe, Deputy Superintendent Maruti Pandit, Deputy Superintendent Gorakh Gangurde, Police Naik Digambar Pathak, Sunil Patil, Driver Chandrakant Shinde under the direction of Aurangabad. After this action, there has been an uproar in Gangapur land records office and tehsil office. A case has been registered at the Gangapur Police Station against the accused of bribery, Salob Laxman Vetal.

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