Britain Coronavirus King Charles III’s wife, Queen Consort Camilla, tests positive for COVID 19

Great Britain Queen Consort Camilla COVID Positive: Queen Consort Camilla, wife of King Charles III of Great Britain’s royal family, has once again been infected with the Korana virus. Camilla is currently in quarantine. She has been kept under the supervision of doctors. She was tested after complaining of cold and flu, in which she was found to be COVID positive. Currently all her shows have been cancelled.

Queen consort Camilla, wife of King Carlos III, was also found infected with Corona in 2022 last year.

queen camilla covid positive

According to the report by the American news outlet Fox News, Queen Consort Camilla, wife of King Carlos III, has been infected with the Corona virus again. According to the report, in a statement issued by Buckingham Palace, it has been said that Queen Consort Camilla’s Kovid test was carried out after suffering from cold symptoms, in which she tested positive.

Camilla events canceled

According to media reports, Queen Camilla has canceled all of her public events for this week. Camila has apologized to people for this, that she was going to attend those programs. There is currently no information on whether King Carlos III is also feeling ill. King Carlos III can also be tested for Kovid.

Camilla tested positive for Kovid a year ago

Camilla was also found to be COVID-19 positive almost a year ago. According to Fox News, Clarence House said in a statement issued on February 14, 2022: “Her Royal Highness Her The Duchess of Cornwall has tested positive for COVID-19 and is in quarantine. We will continue to follow government guidelines.” A few days after this was discovered, the then Prince Charles was also found infected with the corona virus. Camilla is said to have been vaccinated several times at that time.

King Carlos III has also been infected twice

According to a Fox News report this week, Queen Consort Camilla is set to attend an event in Milton Keynes with King Charles III. According to Fox News, King Carlos III has also been infected with the corona virus twice so far. For the first time in March 2020 and again in February 2022, he was found to be Kovid positive.

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