Budget 2022 automotive industry – Budget 2022: Government will bring battery exchange policy for electric vehicles, EV will be promoted in public transport

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Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, in her budget speech, gave insight into the government’s plan to promote electric vehicles in the country. She said that the electric vehicle will be promoted in public transport in the country. Along with this, the government will come out with a battery swapping policy that will develop special mobility zones for electric vehicles. In a battery swap, a depleted battery is replaced with a fully charged battery. It stands as a potential solution to battery replacement issues, lower vehicle costs, and efficient charging systems.

The Minister of Finance also informed that the interoperability standards will be prepared by the government. Along with this, the government will create a special mobility zone for the development of electric vehicles.

How will you benefit from the battery exchange policy?

Once the battery sharing infrastructure is developed, you will have the advantage that it typically takes 7-10 hours to charge an electric vehicle battery. However, using a fast charger, the battery can be fully charged in 2-3 hours. But visiting a battery change station will allow you to replace your dead battery with a fully charged battery. This will save you the hassle of loading it and it will also save you time.

There is a need to increase the charging infrastructure in India at the moment. The government is taking new measures in this regard. The Indian government is partnering with different players to expand the public charging network so EV buyers can address range anxiety issues.

electric vehicle subsidy

The government is taking several measures to promote the use of electric vehicles. In this, different subsidies like FAME II and other policies are helping to make electric vehicles affordable in India and auto manufacturers are investing in localization of electric cars. Currently, the central government gives a huge subsidy to the purchase of electric vehicles under the FAME-2 scheme. Currently offered at Rs 15,000/kWh depending on battery capacity. Its maximum limit for electric two-wheelers has now also increased by between 20% and 40% of the cost.

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