Budget 2022 Ayushman Bharat scheme may increase its reach

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2022 Budget Expectation: In last year’s health budget, the government focused on coronavirus vaccination and allocated Rs 35 000 crore separately, so free vaccination was carried out throughout the country. Sources say that this time the government can increase the scope of the Ayushman Bharat scheme by giving more relief to the people. Some new categories of people may be included under this scheme. The families involved in this receive health insurance of up to five lakhs. So far, ten million families have joined its scope.

Sources from the Ministry of Health said that in the next budget, in addition to increasing the scope of health insurance, new schemes for the expansion of health infrastructure at the district level may be announced to combat the epidemic such as Corona. However, during the Corona period, the government has announced a package for this twice, so that the infrastructure to fight Corona has also been strengthened.

The budget will arrive today, taxpayers can get this gift

The sources said that under Pradhan Mantri Aatmanirbhar Bharat Swasth Yojana, an approval of Rs 64180 crore was given last year, but this amount was for six years. For the next fiscal year, a large allocation is expected in this area because under this plan the preliminary project for the expansion of the health infrastructure this year has been prepared. There will be a need to implement the district in the next budget.

35 thousand crores were received for vaccination

In the latest budget, a provision of Rs 71269 crore was made for the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Rs 2663 crore for the Department of Health Research, Rs 35 thousand crore for Vaccination and Rs 2970 crore for the Ministry of AYUSH. However, there is still the amount under the vaccination item, so this time the possibility of a new assignment is less. Attention will now turn to the booster dose.

20 is expected to rise

An increase of 15 to 20 per cent compared to the previous budget is expected, so the health budget will reach Rs 90 000 crore even after excluding the vaccination budget. The budget for the drinking water, sanitation and nutrition departments was also added to the health budget last time, but despite all this, getting the health budget to two percent of GDP remains a challenge.

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