Budget 2023 Expectations special announcement in the budget to promote the economy based on Gaushala

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Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present the general budget on February 1. In this next budget, the central government may announce a new scheme to promote the rural economy related to animals. For this, along with the opening of an animal-related university and the promotion of cow shelters, a scheme can be announced to promote their use in products related to the town’s industries.

According to information received through sources, the Finance Minister may announce an initial budget of Rs 500 crore to promote the Gaushala-based economy. According to the official involved in the case, things like animal dung and cow urine are currently used in many products. Nowadays things like cow dung and cow urine are being used on a large scale in all products like biognc, paint, soap, organic scrub in the country. There is also the possibility of making special provisions in the budget to promote related research in the country. In such a situation, a roadmap can be presented to explore the possibilities related to these things.

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He also said that by doing this, not only will the cost of growing the crop be reduced, but the income of the farmers will also increase. In addition to training farmers to earn from non-dairy products, attention is also being given to the demands to open these types of universities where courses related to the rural economy and new possibilities of earning with animals can be taught.

Experts also believe that if the government succeeds in luring people into ways of making money from animals, then it can also solve the problem of stray animals along the way. In many states of the country, due to stray animals, not only road accidents occur, but also damage to agriculture.

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