Budget 2023 The new finance minister said in the budget speech that India is a shining star for the world

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Budget 2023 News: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman today introduced the Modi government’s latest full budget 2.0 in Parliament ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha election. Introducing the budget, she said that the 2023-24 budget is the India Blueprint @ 100. The Finance Minister has said in his speech that the Indian economy is growing rapidly. He said: “India is a shining star. India’s growth rate for fiscal year 2023 could be 7.0 percent.

Read the full details of the 2023 budget here

In the budget speech, the Finance Minister said: “India is recognized as a shining star all over the world. Our growth rate for the current year may be 7.0 percent. Even after the bad situation globally, it will be the highest in the world’s leading economy. He said that the Indian economy is on the right track. whose future is bright. Our focus is on reforms so that public participation can increase.

The Minister of Finance said that the size of our economy has increased in the last 9 years. We have become the fifth largest economy in the world from the tenth position. The Indian economy has been streamlined. Inclusive development has become possible thanks to the effective implementation of the schemes.

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