Calcium equivalent to millions of gallons of milk came out of a star that exploded 320 years ago! NASA showed this incredible image.

Calcium is one of the important elements present in our body. But if you’re thinking that calcium is present only in milk or other foods found on earth, then this revelation from NASA may surprise you. NASA has shared an image of an exploding star that it claims contains calcium equivalent to millions of gallons of milk. That is, calcium is present in large amounts even in exploding stars. Please let us know what other information this new report provides.

NASA has shared an image through its Twitter account. This photo shows an exploding star. In this regard, NASA has said that it is an X-ray image that clearly shows the calcium present inside the exploding star. In fact, NASA has named it Cassiopeia A. According to the space agency, it is the remains of a star that exploded 320 years ago that we can see. This image has been prepared at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

These remnants of a collapsed star are called supernovae. Calcium is present in large amounts in these. It is even said that almost half of the calcium present in the universe came from supernovae. In 2020, Daily Science published a study about it, which said that when a star explodes, X-rays come out of it after colliding with the material scattered around it. Due to which a lot of heat is released and pressure is created. Due to this, there are some chemical reactions in it due to which calcium is formed.

It was not possible to see Cassiopeia A before. But now space scientists have telescopes so powerful they can see the remnants of such events. Cassiopeia A is also one of them. One study says that when each star burns in the last moment of its life, it also releases calcium along with helium. Some of them are calcium supernovae, releasing calcium equivalent to millions of gallons of milk in a matter of seconds. Apart from this, metals like gold and platinum also emerge from the explosion of stars.

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