Car-bicycle braking. Should the clutch be depressed along with the brake in cars and bicycles? Know the right way

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Photo: CANVA Should the clutch be pressed with the brake on the car and the bicycle?

Whenever a new person learns to drive a car or bike, they often forget to hit the brake. Many people don’t even know whether to hit the clutch and the brake at the same time or not. Different people give different advice on how to use the brake and clutch when driving a car or a bicycle. But how do we know which suggestion is correct?

Let us clear up your confusion and tell you whether to use the clutch when braking or not. Along with this, you will also be told that if the clutch is used with the brake, under what circumstances should it be used.

Important things related to braking on bicycles and cars

In the event of sudden braking, you can depress the clutch and the brake simultaneously. The clutch and brakes are usually used together in an emergency as it is considered the best way to apply the brakes without damaging the internal parts of the car. However, keep in mind that you brake carefully.

At high speed, it is more correct to step on the brake first, and then if you want to stop the car or the speed of the car has reached the bottom level of the current gear, you need to press the clutch. If you don’t do this, your car or bike, whatever vehicle you’re using, can be damaged.

If you feel the car or bike needs to slow down a bit, just hit the brake, you don’t need to use the clutch for that. If you want to slow down the car-bike or there is a small obstacle on the road to avoid which you have to get out, then you can only use the brake.

If you are in the bottom gear of the current gear, depress the clutch first, then the brake. If you press the brake first, the car can stop. While this can be done in first or second gear, be careful not to do it at high speed.

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