Chandrapur News | Truck collides with orange truck, two injured including driver

Truck collides with orange truck, two injured including driver

value, A van coming from Karanja in Wardha district to Chandrapur fruit market was hit hard by a truck coming from behind. The driver of the vehicle and another person were injured in the incident. He has been admitted to the Warora sub-district hospital for treatment. At the same time, the police contributed to the collection of the oranges scattered on the road. This incident occurred near the Majra village on the Nagpur-Chandrapur highway at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 25.

Bolero collection no. of Junapani resident Vishal Gohte under Karanja tehsil of Wardha district. MH 32 is AJ 3218. Wadhona resident driver Rahul Pramod Davre was coming to Chandrapur Bazar Mandi after filling Sanjay Chaudhary’s oranges in the van. Then the driver Rahul called on his mobile and said that due to the vehicle tire blowout near Majra village of Warora city, he was changing the tire by putting the vehicle on the roadside which the truck was not. The driver of TN 52 Q 8277 hit the truck from behind. In this incident, the driver Rahul and Rupesh Hadake were injured and all the oranges were scattered on the road. Somehow, with the help of an ambulance, they both reached the government hospital and began treatment.

On receiving the information, under the leadership of PSI Sachin Musale, Chikankar, Vargantiwar, Prasad Salekar, Rakesh Sonune, Nitin Turale and Rangrao Patil, Prashant Bawane arrived at the spot, the police saved the oranges from damage by refilling them in carats. Due to the truck collision, the truck ran over the road divider and its rear end was severely damaged. Therefore, by filing a lawsuit against the truck driver, the owner of the van, Vishal Gohte, has demanded compensation. On this basis, the Warora police have registered an offense against the driver of the truck. Warora police are investigating the matter.

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