Chennai Monkey Smuggling: | Chennai Monkey Smuggling:

Monkey Smuggling in Bangkok: On Monday (February 6) at the Chennai airport in Tamil Nadu, a man was caught with two mangabey monkeys. Chennai Customs said an Indian national coming from Bangkok was detained at the Chennai airport. In the investigation, he found 2 live monkeys of the Mangabe species. Confiscated animals include the Sooty Mangabey and the Collared Mangabey.

They belong to the Old World monkey family of West African origin. Customs officials said a scanner detected the presence of wildlife in the luggage. After which the goods were opened and these two monkeys were recovered. The defendant was arrested.

Animals seized before also at Chennai airport

At the beginning of last January, exotic species such as python, marmoset, star tortoise and corn snake were seized at the Chennai airport. According to the ANI news agency, Customs officials found 45 ball pythons, 3 marmosets, 3 star tortoises and 8 corn snakes in two suitcases belonging to a passenger on January 11. The passenger had left the suitcase at the airport.

Wildlife officials were informed after the exotic animal was recovered. All these species were returned to Bangkok on January 12. The passenger was called for questioning by customs.

Animal trafficking cases on the rise

Authorities had previously seized four exotic animals from a male passenger’s suitcase at Chennai airport in November last year. These included two pygmy marmosets and two dusky leaf monkeys. The passenger had come from Bangkok. Animal trafficking is continuously increasing in Chennai. Exotic animal species are brought in from Bangkok and sold in Chennai.

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