China: $65 million boyfriend for gay girl


Cecil denies that his daughter is gay

A Hong Kong billionaire has offered $65 million to anyone who will marry his gay daughter.

Cecil Chao, a big businessman, has publicly promised that this amount will be given to whoever convinces his gay daughter to get married.

He made this offer after reports surfaced that Cecil’s daughter had married his longtime friend.

“Her daughter is not married yet and she needs a good husband,” Chao told the BBC.

Homosexuality is not recognized in Hong Kong, although in 1991 it was removed from the category of crime.

Cecil’s daughter, Gigi Chao, is an industrialist. It is said of him that earlier this year he married the woman who was his partner for seven years in a ceremony in France.

Cecil says that all of these claims are false and says that after his offer, a lot of guys have shown interest and a lot of them are nice guys too.

generous boyfriend

“What a great temptation to attract someone who has talent and that amount is not enough to start a business,” he says.

Cecil says that I don’t care if the boy is rich or poor. The most important thing is that he should be generous and kind.

Speaking of Gigi, he said: “She’s a good woman. She’s talented and she’s also beautiful.” She takes care of her parents, she is educated and also does social service.

But Cecil made it clear that he will get his daughter to marry the boy she likes.

However, Gigi finds her father’s plan amusing and says that she will marry only when she finds a man of her choice.

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