China expresses strong dissatisfaction and protests against US after shooting down spy balloon | Spy balloon: China warns US about shooting down balloon in mid-air, violates international rules, says

China on spy balloon shot down by US: The United States has shot down China’s spy balloon. Meanwhile, China’s first reaction has come to the fore about the shooting down of the balloon. China has strongly protested against the US action to shoot down the balloon. The Global Times has quoted the Chinese Foreign Ministry as saying that the United States has violated international norms by targeting the globe.

The United States has shot down a Chinese spy balloon off the coast of Carolina with a missile. The Global Times report said China expresses strong discontent and protests against the US use of military force to bring down the civilian balloon. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has said that it clearly wants the United States to handle this incident in a calm, professional, and restrained manner. Giving the United States a warning, China said that China will firmly protect its interests.

China threatened the United States

China is furious after the balloon was shot down. The Global Times quoted China’s Defense Ministry as saying: “The United States has seriously violated international norms.” China will resolutely uphold its legitimate rights and interests, while reserving the right to respond further if necessary.

United States shot down the spy balloon

US President Joe Biden issued an order to shoot down the balloon on Wednesday, but the Pentagon recommended waiting until the safety of civilians on the ground was ensured. The Pentagon had said debris from the balloon could harm people on the ground. American F-22 fighter jet then shot down the spy balloon near the Carolina coast. President Joe Biden congratulated the Pentagon on this.

The Pentagon had claimed that China is spying through this balloon. At the same time, China had clarified that it is a civilian balloon and that it is being used for climate-related research work.

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