China ‘hands-free’ sperm donation machine


There is a great shortage of sperm donors in China due to legal reasons and social beliefs.

A hospital in China will use a hands-free sperm collection machine.

According to information available on Weibo, a social site along the lines of Twitter in China, this automatic sperm extractor has been taken to a hospital in Nanjing.

The hospital says this will increase the number of sperm donors, which is necessary because the number of couples in the country who are unable to collect sperm through traditional methods is increasing.

The pink, gray and white machine has a massage tube at the front. This hose can be adjusted up or down depending on the height of the user.

help screen

The speed of the massage, the duration of use and the temperature can also be adjusted according to the requirements.

The machine also has a screen that can ‘help’ the donor to extract the sperm.

Xu Xiaoxin, a doctor, has been quoted as saying the machine is for those “who are not comfortable donating sperm the old-fashioned way.”

The price of the machine has been stated on a website as $2800, although there is no independent information on this. It has been claimed that users will get a very nice experience.

According to the Xinhua news agency, due to legal issues and old beliefs, there is a great shortage of sperm donors in China, while their demand is increasing day by day.

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