China Science News scientist successfully cloned 3 super cows One cow can give 100 liters of milk

China successfully cloned 3 super cows: The world recognizes China’s iron in science and technology. China has done a lot of those things that people are surprised to read about. China has done another great feat in this episode. His exploits are being discussed a lot these days.

Actually, China claims that its scientists have successfully cloned the ‘Super Cow’. Not only this, she has also done the feat of giving birth to 3 calves from this super cow clone. China says super cows can give much more milk than normal cows. According to the Chinese media, thanks to these super cows, China will take the lead in milk production in the world.

China’s dependence on other countries for the cow will end

According to the Chinese state media report, after the success in cloning super cows, China’s dependence on other countries will now be reduced. You will no longer have to import cows. According to the Global Times, 70 percent of China’s dairy cows are imported from abroad.

A cow can get up to 18 tons of milk in a year

The report says that scientists from the Northwest University of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences and Technologies successfully cloned 3 Super Cow calves on January 23rd. These three calves have been cloned from Holstein Friesian cows. The breed of this cow is found in the Netherlands and a cow of this breed gives up to 18 tons of milk every year. At the same time, if we talk about the entire life of this cow, then this figure can go up to 100 tons of milk.

In this way the entire project was executed.

The first of the three cloned calves was born by caesarean section on Dec. 30, according to an official from Wulin city in Ningjia. The official said the scientists first made 120 cloned embryos from the ear cells of more milk-producing cows and placed them in the wombs of surrogate cows. Jin Yaping, chief scientist of the Super Cow project, says: “We are focusing on breeding more than 1,000 super cows to reduce China’s dependence on foreign cows. This project will take 2-3 years.

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