China’s future leader disappears, hot rumors

Xi Jinping

Vice President Xi Jinping was said to be declared the future leader of the party.

Following the absence of Xi Jinping, the potential leader of the Communist Party of China, from several important meetings and gatherings, the speculation market is hot about his future and the party’s power struggle.

Four Xi Jinping meetings have been canceled in one week. These meetings were to be held with the leaders of other countries visiting China. He was also absent from a party meeting recently.

Chinese Foreign Ministry officials said last week that they and Xi are scheduled to meet amid the Danish prime minister’s visit. However, it is now denied that this meeting was ever arranged.

Xi had not even met US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who had previously visited China. He was not even able to meet with the delegations from Russia and Singapore.

There was talk that Shi would be declared the country’s future leader at the party congress next month.


Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping received a lot of attention during his visit to the United States this year, something befitting a head of state.

That’s why when Hillary didn’t meet Clinton during her visit to China, she was seen in some circles as ignoring the American leader.

BBC correspondent Charles Scanlan He says that, but when he did not meet with foreign leaders and delegations that visited the country one after another, it was discussed in many places that Shi is sick or has become a victim of power struggle within the party.

official statement

There has been no official statement about his absence.

The date of the party congress at which Shi would be declared the future leader has yet to be announced, fueling talk of the party’s power struggle.

This is said to mean that there is still a fight in the Communist Party regarding this issue.

China has recently faced a major political scandal. The wife of Bo Xilai, a rising party leader, has been arrested for her role in the murder of a British businessman.

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