Chinese Spy Balloon Spotted in Northwest Region of US Skies US Airspace

Chinese Spy Balloon in US Airspace: There is news that a suspicious spy balloon is being sighted in the sky over America. It is called China’s spy balloon. The Pentagon claims a Chinese ‘spy balloon’ has been spotted in the US sky. According to media reports, this balloon has been seen flying in the northwestern region of America.

The Pentagon says it is tracking Chinese spy balloons over the United States. The Chinese spy balloon is seen flying in the area of ​​America where there are sensitive airbases and strategic missiles.

Spy balloon in the sky of America

According to the AFP news agency, the Pentagon said it was tracking a Chinese spy balloon flying over the US, which was monitoring highly sensitive nuclear weapons sites. A senior US defense official said military officials considered shooting down the balloon but did not do so out of fear it might endanger too many people on the ground.

Surveillance of sensitive places!

This balloon is said to have been seen flying in the Northwest region of America, where there are sensitive airbases and strategic missiles. AFP quoted an anonymous official as saying: “This balloon is clearly intended for surveillance. It was seen in the sky over a sensitive US site. It could be intended for intelligence gathering.”

Why didn’t the United States shoot down the balloon?

A senior US official said the balloon had entered US airspace a few days ago. I was over Montana. Military officials had discussed this. Fighter planes examined the balloon. The official said that ensuring the safety of the people, no measures were taken in this regard and it was considered not to demolish it.

Spy balloon sent earlier too

Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder said this balloon is currently at an altitude higher than commercial air traffic. The official said that even before this, China has sent spy balloons over the US and the issue has been raised with authorities in Beijing. We inform them of the seriousness of the problem and make it clear that we will do whatever is necessary for the safety of our people on our land.

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