Chinese students made a coat ‘disappear’, you won’t see it on CCTV cameras, the price is also very low

China is trying to find such technologies, which you and I are just thinking about. There, a group of graduate students have invented a ‘disappear’ coat. According to reports, the coat invented by Chinese students can hide the human body from the eyes of surveillance cameras that work with the help of AI. That is, after wearing this coat, you will not be seen by CCTV cameras. It’s called InvisDefense.

This shelter, which makes a person ‘disappear’, is claimed to be able to disable surveillance cameras during the day or to be said to ‘blind’ them. If someone walks past CCTV cameras in this coat at night, the coat sends a heat signal to the cameras so that the person doesn’t get caught by the cameras.

This coat can be useful for people in China and Asian countries where AI-powered CCTV cameras are widely used. It is also said that governments can ban this technology or make changes to their system. This coat reportedly won first prize in a creative contest. This competition was sponsored by Huawei.

This is how you fool CCTV cameras

It is important to understand how InvisDefense Coat works. This coat reportedly has a pattern that disturbs the algorithms of CCTV cameras during the day. At night, it affects the temperature detection module of CCTV cameras, so that the CCTV camera cannot perform its basic function.

‘Wei Hui’, a student on the team who made it, said the biggest challenge in making the coat was creating a special pattern that affects the algorithms of CCTV cameras during the day. The team ran hundreds of tests before introducing the coat. Interestingly, this coat has been made at a very low cost. The starting price is around 500 yuan, that is, around 6 thousand rupees. Its creators claim that this coat can be used in warfare to prevent drone attack, but there is a possibility of using the coat in other areas.

It is not yet known who can buy this coat. If it is made available to the general public, the possibility of its misuse will increase in countries where AI-powered CCTV cameras are widely used.

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