Chinese video app TikTok has collected business from India, the central government had imposed a ban

The popular short video platform TikTok has decided to shut down its remaining business in India. This app from the Chinese company ByteDance had a sales support team in India. This team was hired three years ago to support the company’s global sales teams.

A TikTok spokesperson said in a statement: “We have decided to close our remote sales support center in India. We are grateful to the workers who have helped us through this difficult time.” Due to the risk to the country’s security, the central government banned some 60 China-related apps about three years ago. These apps included Tiktok. After this, ByteDance had reduced the number of workers in the country. Before the ban, it is estimated that Tiktok had around 200 million users in the country. Many Influencers in India were also affected by this.

Apart from YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels, short video apps like Moj and Josh are also very popular among influencers and video creators. Tiktok is facing difficulties in many countries due to its association with China. It was banned for government employees in the US late last year. Employees will not be able to use TikTok on smartphones issued by the US government. The House Committee on Administration (COA) released this information to staff. The Tiktok app is considered a major cyber security risk in the United States.

The COA told staff that they would need to remove this app from their phones immediately. If they don’t do this, they can get into trouble. This prohibition is not limited to just COA. This will apply to all organizations and agencies of the United States government. Difficulties are increasing for this application in many countries. The main reason for this is ByteDance’s adherence to the Chinese government’s policy regarding data storage, privacy, and some other issues. Tiktok has also been accused of misusing user data and other sensitive information.

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