Chrome OS Flex announced for PC and Mac users, will get Chromebook features

Google has introduced a new version of Chrome OS for old PC and Mac users, called Chrome OS Flex. This new version is built from the same code base as Chrome OS and will be released alongside software available for Chromebooks and other Chrome OS machines. The new operating system allows users to use some of the features of Chrome OS, including background updates, sandboxing, web apps, and syncing Android phone notifications. According to the company, users will be able to download an older version of Chrome OS Flex on their computers or run it via live USB.

In a blog post, Google details the new free-to-download Chrome OS Flex operating system, built for businesses and schools. According to Google, the new operating system, like Chrome OS, provides access to web applications and virtualization, boosts faster, and makes system updates easier in the background. Chrome OS Flex also offers sandboxing and proactive security against viruses, ransomware, and more. The company says that ChromeOS Flex deploys instantly via a USB stick and syncs the user’s profile, settings, bookmarks and cloud policies after login.

Chrome OS Flex gives users access to cross-platform features like the official Chrome browser, the Google Assistant, and syncing notifications with Android devices.

Google says that users can try the early access version of Chrome OS Flex right away, all they need is a compatible PC or Mac computer and an empty USB drive. However, users will need to fill out a form before downloading the new operating system and make sure their device is included in the list of certified models.

First go to the Chrome web store on Windows, macOS, or Chrome OS.

Now search for Chromebook Recovery Utility and download the extension.

Now launch the Chromebook Recovery Utility extension and click on Get Started.

After this, select Select a model from a list, Select a manufacturer, or Select a product.

Click Continue, and then insert the USB drive.

Now select your USB and then go to Create Now by clicking Continue.

Users can then push the live version of Chrome OS Flex from the USB drive without putting their system at risk. In addition, you can also install the operating system on PC or Mac forever. However, Google says that this is early access to the operating system and some instability may be experienced.

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