Congress protest | Congress opposes SBI and LIC against misguided central government policies in Adani case

Congress opposes SBI and LIC against misguided central government policies in Adani case

Aurangabad: Strong protest in front of the departmental office of SBI and LIC located in the CIDCO premises on behalf of the District and City Congress Committee against the incorrect policies of the SBI Bank, LIC and the Central Government (Protest) carried out. The movement was led by Congressional District Chairman Dr. Kalyan Kale, former Minister Anil Patel, Seva State Chairman Dal Vilas Autade, City Chairman Sheikh Yusuf Lider.

During the agitation, the congressmen shouted slogans against the Modi government in the Center. Congressional District Chairman Dr. Kalyan Kale, while speaking to reporters during the turmoil, said that the common man has poured his hard-earned money into LIC by cutting common expenses. The central government forced LIC and SBI to invest crores in LIC and SBI in Adani Group. Today, there is a fear that Rs 49 crore LIC account holders will recoup their hard-earned money due to the sharp drop in Adani Group shares. Dr. Kale said that LIC is the pride of our country. The common man, the middle class, the small businessmen, the servants have invested money in this financial institution. He alleged that the central government forcibly invested crores deposited in LIC in the Adani group.

Investment of Rs 30 billion

By putting pressure on LIC, the Modi government invested the money in the Adani group. Due to which, Rs 49 crore policy holders and LIC investors suffered a loss of Rs 30,000 crore. Along with this, the State Bank of India and other banks provided a loan of around Rs 80 billion. Dr. Kale demanded an inquiry into the Hindenburg Institute report investigating the economic misconduct of the Adani group by a Parliamentary Joint Committee or under the supervision of the Chief Justice.

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your presence in the movement

Congressional District Chairman Dr. Kalyan Kale also demanded a discussion in Parliament on the huge investment made by Adani Group in LIC and other government financial institutions. In the end, he insisted that the central government make the right decision to protect investors’ money. During the turmoil, the Congress leaders expressed their views and sang a lot about the Modi government. Former MLA Namdev Pawar, Kiran Patil Dongaonkar, Jagannath Kale, Ravindra Kale, Yogesh Masalge, Kanchankumar Chate, Bhausahab Jagtap, Iqbal Singh Gill, Dr. Pawan Dongre, Former City President Ibrahim Pathan, Babasaheb Pawar etc. They were present at the movement.

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