Covid in China A new variant of Corona may arise from the clamor in China, warns an expert

The whole world is worried about the ravages of Corona in China. The Kovid variant that is wreaking havoc there is called the BF.7. It is a subvariant of BA.5, one of Omicron’s most popular subvariants. The rapid increase in Covid-19 cases in China has also raised concerns that a new mutant form of this deadly virus could emerge in the world. If this happens, Corona can wreak havoc all over the world again.

According to the Bloomberg report, Dr. Stuart Campbell Ray, an expert at Johns Hopkins University, has said that the immune response of most of the Chinese population is limited and it appears that a new variant could exploit.

Experts have warned that each new Covid infection gives this virus a chance to mutate. If seen from China’s point of view, its population is very large. The vaccination rate is very high, but the booster rate is very low. In such a situation, a new mutant form of Corona can arise there.

According to experts, each great wave of Covid has created new variants. Comparing the corona virus to a boxer, Dr. Stuart Campbell Ray said that he avoids all skills and learns to adapt to them. Kovid’s BF.7 sub-variant has created an outcry in China at the moment, but many Omicron variants are believed to be present among the people of the country.

According to a report, Dr. Shan-Lu Liu of Ohio State University has said that BF.7 specializes in evading people’s immunity. This is the reason why this Corona variant is causing the death of thousands of people in China. However, the expert has expressed his fear that a new Corona variant may be born, but it is not known how dangerous it may or may not be.

The situation that has arisen in China shows that there is a great shortage of beds and personnel in hospitals. People are not receiving treatment. Deaths are occurring in the thousands. There are lines of relatives of people in the morgues. This shows that the corona pandemic is not over yet.

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