Cyclone Gabrielle causes widespread flooding landslides New Zealand declares a national emergency. Cyclone Gabrielle is coming to wreak havoc! National emergency declared in New Zealand

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Cyclone Gabrielle: A warning has been issued for widespread flooding and landslides due to Cyclone Gabriel. The cyclonic storm can cause devastation in New Zealand, so this Tuesday a national emergency was declared in the country. The emergency declaration will apply to six territories that have already declared a local state of emergency, namely: Northland, Auckland, Tairawiti, Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Hawke’s Bay, the New Zealand government said in a press release. This is the third time in New Zealand’s history that a national emergency has been declared.

A national emergency has been declared following the warning of great devastation by Cyclone Gabriel. The country’s Minister for Emergency Management, Kieran McAnulty, signed the emergency declaration at 8:43 a.m. (local time). He also consulted Prime Minister Chris Hipkins and the opposition Spokesman for Emergency Management before signing the statement, who also supported the statement.

“This is an unprecedented weather event that appears to have a major impact on much of the North Island,” Kieran McAnulty said, adding that the country could be severely affected by the cyclone, causing widespread flooding, landslides. Roads and infrastructure may be damaged.

“Heavy rain and strong winds are expected today. Since Sunday, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) is in close contact with the local Civil Defense Emergency Management (CDEM) teams of the affected areas to declare a state of national emergency,” he said. he said. to assess the need. NEMA have been advising me and the Prime Minister on the need for a national emergency based on the assessment of local teams and have so far been advised that it was not necessary. I think this is natural. A state of national emergency regarding the disaster would be beneficial.”

McAnulty further said that this announcement will allow the coordination of resources for the affected areas. He said “I want to emphasize that the government has been increasing support and resources to the regions for a few days.”

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