Delhi man recovers full price of BMW 1 Series Hatchback Rs 26 Lakh for failing to rectify defects Details ordered by consumer court

Luxury cars are expensive and cost more not only because of all the luxury features and advanced technology available in them, but to pay the high price, luxury brands also promise good after-sales service to their customers. However, stories of this type are often heard, which take away the trust of customers even in big brands. According to the latest reports, the Delhi State Consumer Dispute Redress Commission has imposed a heavy fine on German luxury car maker BMW, but why? let us know

According to TOI, a BMW owner was very upset due to the problems his car was facing for a long time, so he had complained to the company several times, but he did not get a satisfactory solution from BMW, after which he had to approach . the court had to do. Reports suggest the Delhi State Consumer Dispute Redress Commission has ordered the owner of the BMW 1 Series hatchback to pay the full cost of the car (Rs 26.3 lakh) as well as damages and damages.

Reports suggest that the car was purchased by the whistleblower in October 2014. A person living in Delhi started facing multiple issues in his BMW 1 Series car only after 5 months of purchase. In view of the company’s inability to rectify the problem for almost 8 years, the Court has now found that the services provided by the car manufacturer were not satisfactory.

The main problem with this car was the brakes. After receiving the complaint, the manufacturer conducted a joint test drive at BMW’s Manesar research and development center and acknowledged and described the problem as poor braking performance. The car was sent in for repair, but even after the repair, the plaintiff found the problem as it was.

The report further states that the court address says: “In the present case, the opposing parties did not replace said car or rectify the problem. Therefore, we agree with the claimants’ assertion that there is a deficiency in services.” .

Due to this, BMW will now have to refund the full ex-showroom price of the hatchback, i.e. Rs 26.3 lakh, to the complainant. Not only this, the court also awarded interest on the loan taken for the car (Rs 2.26 lakh), 6 per cent interest on the purchase amount and interest on the loan, Rs 2 lakh for mental agony and harassment, Rs 50,000 for litigation expenses, vehicle Rs 1.09 lakh for necessary service and maintenance, Rs 35,000 for tire replacement and reimbursement of insurance amount of Rs 93,280.

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