Delhi police arrest two teenagers for tricking people under the guise of installing barcodes

Delhi Crime News: Two minors working as field executives at a major digital payments company were arrested for allegedly tricking rickshaw drivers and vegetable vendors under the guise of requesting barcodes. A Delhi police officer gave this information on Friday. Police said both defendants secretly activated the victims’ electronic wallet postpaid account and withdrew money from their payment accounts. The defendants, who got the job using the identity of their old friends, are students in class 11 at a public school.

Both were captured in the Nangloi area.
According to Northern Deputy Police Commissioner Sagar Singh Kalsi, Ashish Kumar, an electronic rickshaw driver, filed a complaint saying that two boys cheated him out of Rs 60,000 and approached him asking him to make things easier online. payments Suggested implementation of the UPI barcode. He said that the boys further said that this service is free and using the whistleblower’s app, both of them transferred Rs 60,000 to another account. The police had received another complaint with a similar modus operandi and during the course of the investigation, the two minors involved in the cases were caught in the Nangloi area.

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Upon questioning the two, it was revealed that one of them found out about a part-time job applying barcodes and started working using the ID of a friend over the age of 18. DCP said: another teenager also started going with him. The two of them used to go to random places and set up barcodes for vegetable vendors, auto-rickshaw drivers, etc. Requires the use of the customer’s eWallet account to set up the barcode. Both of these account holders were misled. He said that these people had defrauded three people, including the whistleblowers, out of Rs 60,000, Rs 8,000 and Rs 8,000. They both used to spend money to live a luxurious lifestyle and impress their girlfriends.

News from Delhi: There was no money to pay the rent, then a fake robbery conspiracy was hatched, the police were also shocked when it was discovered.

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