Devotional Viral Video | Muslim madly in love with Kanha, she did something like this in devotion to Krishna… video went viral

Image-Twitter @tribalgulabo

Image-Twitter @tribalgulabo

New Delhi: Krishna’s fascination is the most wonderful and unique in this world. People sitting in love with Krishna become absorbed in his worship. When it comes to falling madly in love with Krishna, Radha comes to mind first. As we all know Krishna has many devotees not only in the country but all over the world. Many times we see videos on social media that even in western countries, women are engrossed in devotion to Krishna. Now the Krishna Prem video of a Muslim woman is going viral on social media. Everyone is shocked to see what the Muslim woman did in devotion to Krishna, let us know about this viral video…

Muslim woman’s devotion to Krishna

As we all know Ramzan is happening right now. Meanwhile, a Muslim woman shared a video of devotion to Krishna. So this video has caught everyone’s attention. In the video you can see that the woman is sitting on the sofa. As you can see in the video, she sees a book in her hand. After that, she is seen singing something while she reads that book.

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Muslim woman sang the qawwali of Kanha

It can be understood by seeing that the language of this book appears to be Urdu, but when the woman sings after reading the book, Kanhaiya is mentioned in the lyrics of the song. Kanhaiya Yaad hai kuch bhi humari, these words come out of this woman’s mouth. Let us tell you that this is a Krishna based qawwali. The name of the woman seen in the video is Wajiha Athar Naqvi. He himself posted this video on his Twitter account. Wajiha said in the post that he was very happy to sing Nawab Sadiq Jung Bahadur Hilam’s famous song Kalam Kanhaiya on the eve of Ramzan.

fast viral video

A song for Kanhaiya Krishna. There is also an allegory of the Holy Prophet. This was common in the South Asian Indo-Farsi literary tradition, Wajiha also noted in a Twitter post. Wajiha posted this video a few days ago. We tell you that this is the video of March 23. After watching this video, a lot of comments are coming in about it. This woman is being praised a lot. Where people from different communities fight each other in the name of religion, right now this video is highly appreciated by people.

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