Deworming | Learn about the causes of stomach worms and ways to avoid them, prevention is better than cure

Learn about the causes of stomach worms and ways to avoid them, prevention is better than cure

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New Delhi: Every year on February 10, ‘National Deworming Day’ is celebrated in India, that is, ‘National Deworming Day’. The main purpose of which is to spread awareness about the prevention and prevention of worm infection. It is one of the largest public health programs of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the celebration of this day began in February 2015.

Roundworms in the form of stomach worms are very common among children in India, according to experts. If we look at the statistics, at present this problem is found in more than 24 million children in the age group from one year to 14 years in the country. This problem usually persists in towns and semi-urban areas. This infection is caused by lack of cleanliness and poor nutrition. This is less seen in urban areas. The worms enter the body by eating from these dirty hands after picking up infected soil on their hands or depositing on their fingernails. Let us know the ways of its prevention,

To do

Hands should be washed well before eating and after defecating.

You must wear slippers/shoes on your feet.

Use fruits/vegetables only after washing them with clean/safe water.

Eat only well-cooked foods.

Be especially careful with these things too

It is not correct to give medicine every six months. Administer medication only if the report is positive after investigation.

Please note that there is no constipation or any other problem before giving the medicine.

Control worms with fresh feces only.

If the child has been given a medicine to kill worms in the stomach, take special care with cleaning, otherwise there may be a risk of reinfection.

Ayurvedic remedies are also available to remove worms from the body. Ajwain, black pepper, asafoetida, black salt, dried ginger, ginger, turmeric are good for killing worms.

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