Do you also pay via Gpay, QR code? Please do not make mistakes during online payment, there will be a big loss. error during online payment UPI payment and QR code payments Tips for money transfers

Make No Mistakes During Online Payment UPI Payment & QR Code Payments During Money Transfer- India TV Paisa
Photo: FILE PHOTO Keep this in mind when making the online payment

If you transfer money via Paytm, PhonePe or GPay or any other means and if you top up via these apps, then this news is only for you. Because a small mistake in this type of payment can empty your bank account. Today we are going to tell you through this news how you can prevent your bank account from being emptied during online payment and recharge. In such a situation definitely follow the rules given by us and avoid making such mistakes even by mistake.

UPI Payment Transfer

Today, the UPI payment is made by almost the majority of people across the country. It is also considered safe. There is only one QR code for different applications. You must always enter the PIN for UPI payment. In such a situation, if you make the payment via UPI, please check the information once or twice before entering the PIN. Even after checking, you won’t have any problem making the payment and your money won’t go to the wrong account. Please note that when making online payments, always check the information provided by you once or twice while using UPI.

online payment transfer

If you pay online, then before you transact money, check the front bank account once or twice. Many times it is seen that your data is wrong and you can transfer to the wrong bank account. This is why whenever you make an online payment, please check the payment transfer related details you provided before making the payment. Because keep in mind that once the money is transferred to the wrong bank account, you cannot know whether the money will come back or not because it depends on the behavior of the person in front of you and sometimes you may have to go around in circles in the banks again and again. . .

QR code scan

If you pay via QR code, please do so carefully. Because in the name of QR phishing work is also being done all over the world and people are being scammed up to thousands of rupees. If you pay with QR code, please check the user details. Check the username and, if possible, check it again. Many times in a hurry we scan the QR and without seeing the details you make the payment. In such a situation, please make the payment carefully because it may drain your bank account.

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