Do you want to look amazing at the Christmas party? Then try these makeup tips.

As soon as you get the Christmas party invitation, you must have done all the preparations for the party, the cake, the dress, the shoes and the destination are ready, but have you thought of something new and creative for the makeup?

If the dress and makeup are unique, your makeup should be unique too. Today we will tell you some of these makeup tips, with which you will look different and more attractive at the Christmas party.

red color is special
The red color is special for the Christmas party, if you have selected a red color dress, the makeup base should also be red or colors related to red.

highlight eyes
To highlight the eyes, you can use glitter best shadow. Apply a little dark and heavy eyeliner, you can try to blend the pigments from the dress on the brow bones. If your dress is red then you can try brown or magenta eyeshadow, if you want a bold look for your eyes then deep red and purple are also the best options for you.

It is ok if the jewels are with a touch of red or you can try gold as well, you can also buy artificial jewels made of stones.

bold lip makeup
To give your lips an attractive look, you can try a dark lip shade, but first liner the lips against it.

3d makeup
Nowadays you can also see the fashion of 3D makeup. In this one Glitter, Swarovski, Stones, Stars and Unique Colors are used for makeup. It will be a little expensive, but everyone will be forced to congratulate you at the Christmas party. Apart from the face, it is also done on the neck and hands.

Use of candles in nail art
If you are thinking of something creative for your nails, you can create candles on your nails. In this you can create different colored candles on your nails. Small stars would also look cute on the nails.

liquid silicone base
If you want to be the center of attraction in the Christmas party, then you must use a silicone liquid foundation for your makeup, it will give a new look to your makeup and the makeup will last longer.

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