Dragon another jump in space Chinese scientists made space walk up to 7 hours

Chinese scientist conducts spacewalk in space (File) - India TV Hindi

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Chinese scientist conducts spacewalk in space (File)

New Delhi. China has surprised the world by taking another giant leap in space. The Chinese crew have been on the space station for about 70 days. According to news received from China’s Office of Manned Space Engineering, the Shenzhou-15 crew successfully completed the approximately 7-hour spacewalk at 12:16 p.m. on February 9. These astronauts include the names of Fei Chunlong, Teng Qingming, and Chang Lu. You have successfully completed the spacewalk mission. Currently, astronauts Fei Chunlong and Chang Lu have safely returned to the Vantian Experiment Module, and the out-of-cabin activity has been a success.

During the astronauts’ out-of-vehicle activities, they completed tasks such as installing the extended pump assembly outside of Mengthien’s cabin. The entire process went smoothly. This is the first time astronauts have left the cabin since the Chinese space station was fully built. According to the plan, in the future the crew of astronauts will carry out many activities outside the cabin. In addition, the cargo installation work outside the cabin of the space station has also been carried out in the initial phase.

Space walk using EVA suit

2 out of 3 Chinese astronauts left Tiangong wearing Feitian EVA suits. While a third crew member continued to support activities from inside the space station. The spacewalk was broadcast live on Chinese state media. The Shenzhou 15 crew was launched to the Tiangong Space Station on November 29 last year. So far, the astronauts have spent more than 70 days in orbit carrying out tasks, including testing the new experiment cabinet installed in the Mengtian Science Module. Tiangong has 24 science cabinets in its Wentian and Mengtian modules, and Shenzhou’s 15 crew members are about to perform more than 100 science experiments using the new equipment during their six-month stay in orbit. Fei, Deng, and Zhang also celebrated Chinese New Year last month and sent viewers good wishes back to Earth. They have also held space exhibitions of painting and photography, according to state media. The three are expected to complete three to four spacewalks before the end of their roughly 180-day mission.

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