DRDO is preparing ‘special’ rats, it will get rid of the enemies-terrorists, it will support the army like this

Countries all over the world are making advanced ‘technology’ to compete with their enemy countries. Gone are the days when face-to-face strength mattered. Today, even with the help of ‘technology’, a country can defeat its enemy countries. Israel is the most perfect example of this. Despite being surrounded by its rivals on all sides, this country has shown its mettle through technology. India is also emphasizing technology to counter its enemies. The Defense Research and Development Organization, that is, the DRDO scientists are making special ‘rats’, which will be able to monitor the intelligence of enemies. These are called ‘rat cyborgs’, which can also be used during operations by military forces.

According to media reports, this information has been given at the Indian Science Congress. The director of the DRDO Young Scientist Laboratory (DYSL), P Shiva Prasad, has said that this technology is already present in some places abroad. This technology has been first developed in India. The Rat Cyborg will have a camera attached to its head, which can receive signals from electrodes implanted in the rat’s brain.

With the help of this technology, you will help in intelligence monitoring of enemy military bases. According to P Shiva Prasad, the first round of tests of this project has been completed, in which the rats will be controlled by giving instructions with the help of the operator. In the second phase, scientists will be able to obtain images through cameras mounted on the Rat Cyborg’s head. This technique can be used during attacks by enemy countries.

For example, in case of a terrorist attack like 11/26, Rat Cyborg can be used. Such attacks require large-scale manhunts, then Rat Cyborg can show his potential. If scientists believe, Rat Cyborg can enter any building and scale the walls and send images inside. Rats can pass through narrow passages and send details of all the places where terrorists are present.

According to P Shiva Prasad, rats have a lot of energy for such tasks. Special attention will be paid to Rat Cyborg’s food and drink so that he remains in shape to help out in difficult situations.

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