During Pathaan’s show, fans lit cookies inside the hall, watch a viral video

Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Pathan’ is earning very fast and his madness is not taking his name. While the movie has broken many records in terms of earnings, the internet is abuzz with adventures of the movie and Shah Rukh Khan fans. Since the launch, videos of fans dancing in the theater have gone viral, and now a new video is going viral, in which fans are seen popping cookies inside the theater, which is undoubtedly a great threat to people’s lives. .

A video is going viral online, in which fans are seen breaking cookies inside the theater during Pathaan’s show. In the video, fans are also whistling and dancing. But there’s also a dangerous cookie-exploding stunt going on in the locked auditorium.

Surely this is an open invitation to a big accident and it’s also a theater safety question, because where people are prevented from taking food or water outside, how did the firecrackers get in? However, at the moment it is not clear which city the video is from.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan film is setting new records every day in terms of earnings. As expected over the weekend, Pathan’s earnings chart was higher. The caravan of his success continued on the fourth day with an estimated take of Rs 55.75 crore. The film has reportedly grossed over Rs 222 crore in four days in India. On the fourth day, around Rs 1.5 crore poured into theaters to watch it.

The kind of trend Pathan’s box office collection is having, seems to be proving to be the biggest movie of 2023. With the sensational fourth day collection, the movie left many previous movies behind in terms of records.

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