Dwayne Johnson | WWE star Dwayne Johnson’s mother was in a car accident, wrestler shares health update

dwayne johnson

Photo – Instagram

Mumbai: American actor and former WWE wrestler Dwayne Johnson has shared some sad news with his fans. The fighter’s mother has recently been the victim of a traffic accident. in which she is injured. She is undergoing treatment at the hospital. Dwayne Johnson himself has shared the information about this news in a post through his Instagram account. Wrestler has also shared the image of the crashed car on his Instagram account. in which his mother was traveling. In the image you can see a wrecked red car.

Sharing the image, Dwayne Johnson wrote: “Thank God she’s okay. Angels of mercy took care of my mother when she was in a car accident last night. She will live and continue to be evaluated. This woman has survived lung cancer, a rocky marriage, to a head-on collision with a drunk driver and survived it, in ways that make angels and miracles real. Thank you LAPD and LAFD for showing such care and focus.”

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She further wrote: “Thank you for being on the phone and talking to me through the whole process. I have one parent left, so if you still have your mom and dad, make sure you give them a big hug, because you never know when you’re going to get that call. at 3 am which we never received. His fans and celebrities were very sad as soon as this post came out. They are all consoling The Rock and praying for his mother’s speedy recovery.

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