Earthquake in Turkey and Syria The death toll is continuously increasing. Terrible devastation due to the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, about 8 thousand people died, the death toll is increasing rapidly

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria- India TV Hindi

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Earthquake devastation in Turkey and Syria

Ankara: The earthquake on Monday (February 6) in Turkey and Syria has caused great devastation. The death toll in this disaster is continually increasing. Some 8,000 people have died so far. It is still feared that thousands of people are buried under the rubble. Hospitals in Turkey and Syria are overcrowded with the wounded and people are running out of space. Thousands of people are still missing. The rescue operation is being continuously executed by the administration.

frequent earthquakes

The first earthquake to hit Turkey on Monday was extremely powerful. Its intensity on the Richter scale was 7.8. Since then, the land of Turkey has trembled many times due to earthquakes. Media reports say that from 4:15 am on Monday until now, the ground in Turkey has trembled more than 550 times. Since Monday, earthquakes of magnitude 7.8, 7.6, 6.0, 5.6 and 5.4 respectively have been recorded here. 70 countries including India have extended a helping hand to Turkey.

Experts say that Turkey has moved up to 10 feet due to the powerful earthquake. Italian seismologist Dr. Carlo Doglioni says Turkey’s tectonic plates can move five to six meters compared to Syria. At the same time, President Erdogan has imposed a 3-month emergency in ten provinces of the country. Schools have been closed until February 13.

India stepped forward to help Turkey and Syria

In the midst of this horrible disaster, India has come forward with an open heart to help Turkey and Syria. Another Indian plane (carrying about 6 tons of relief supplies and medicines) left for Syria with a 99-member medical team to provide emergency aid to the earthquake victims. India has also sent a similar aircraft to Turkey.

India’s Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has shared this information through a tweet. He has reported that an Indian plane has flown to Syria with 6 tons of emergency aid. The shipment includes life-saving medications and emergency medical items. He wrote that India and the Indians stand in solidarity with those most affected by this tragedy. This effort by India is being appreciated all over the world.

Jaishankar said in another tweet: ‘Two Indian Air Force planes carrying Indian Army Field Hospital for a 30-bed medical center have now arrived in Adana, Turkey. Our team of medical experts will contribute to ongoing relief efforts.

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