earthquake | Nagpur is far from the earthquake, but the danger remains at a distance of 500 km.

Strong seismic tremors in Rajkot of Gujarat of magnitude 3.4

Nagpur. Hundreds of people lost their lives in the terrible earthquake in Turkey. After this incident, the whole world has been on the verge of panic. After viewing the earthquake footage, it seems that this incident has occurred somewhere near us. Maharashtra has also seen the destruction caused by the earthquake. Even thinking about what will happen if an earthquake occurs in Nagpur, Vidarbha, fear builds up in the mind.

Nagpur is the central office for seismometers in central India. According to your information, Nagpur is not prone to earthquakes, but before this, there has been a mild earthquake in the city, it is also on record. According to the department, parts of Madhya Pradesh, Andhra, Telangana adjoining Nagpur are earthquake prone areas. In terms of earthquake intensity, the entire country is divided into four zones.

In the seismic zonal map of India produced by the Bureau of Indian Standards, 59 per cent of the total land area of ​​the country is prone to earthquakes. From the seismic point of view, the most prone states are in the fifth zone and the least prone in the second zone. Earlier, there was a devastating earthquake in Marathwada but Vidarbha, Nagpur are not included in the earthquake prone area while some areas adjacent to Vidarbha may be under the scope of earthquakes.

According to experts, although there is no danger of earthquake in Nagpur, the possibility cannot be ruled out at a distance of 500 km. Mild tremors from the earthquake were felt in Nagpur in early 2017 and 2020. The magnitude of the earthquake that occurred in October 2020 was recorded as 3.3 on the reactor scale.

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