Elon Musk can solve the big ‘problem’ in space, NASA is in talks, knows the whole thing

Astronauts living on the International Space Station (ISS) face a challenge these days. There has been a technical failure in the Russian Soyuz spacecraft attached to the ISS. Earlier, information about refrigerant leaks came to light. Then it was said that a small hole appeared in the Soyuz spacecraft. These reasons have made the Soyuz spacecraft ‘dangerous’ to fly. The great challenge facing the American Space Agency NASA and the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos is to bring back to Earth the 3 astronauts who arrived on the ISS aboard the Soyuz. Information has come to light on how to bring these passengers back.

It has been said in a report that NASA may use Elon Musk’s SpaceX company spacecraft to bring the three astronauts back to Earth safely. It has been said that if neither plan works out, NASA is considering using a SpaceX spacecraft. Remember that currently, SpaceX is the only private company that can take astronauts to and from space from American soil.

At the same time, whether the Soyuz spacecraft is airworthy or not, a decision can be made in early January. The Russian Space Agency is also thinking of sending another Soyuz spacecraft there. If this happens, that spacecraft may reach the ISS in February.

NASA spokeswoman Sandra Jones said in a statement to Reuters news agency that we have asked SpaceX questions about its ability to bring more crew members on its Dragon spacecraft. However, NASA’s focus is not yet fully on SpaceX’s spacecraft. NASA did not specify which SpaceX spacecraft might be used. Will a Dragon spaceship be launched from Earth or will more seats be added to the Dragon spaceship at the space station?

All Dragon spacecraft seats currently present on the space station are full. This spacecraft will bring 4 astronauts to Earth in early 2023. Two of the astronauts who arrived on the ISS aboard the Soyuz spacecraft are from Russia and one from the US. Meanwhile, it is not yet known how they will leaked coolant on the Soyuz spacecraft.

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