Elon Musk made his account private to test some problems Learn the details

Elon Musk Twitter News: Since Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter in October, he has been continuously making some changes to this social media platform. Recently, Musk blocked his Twitter account, that is, private (Musk made his account private). A few days ago, the company launched the public and private posts feature. Since the launch of this feature, Twitter users have continuously shared their complaints related to it. Following this, on Wednesday, Musk made his Twitter account private until the next morning. After this test, Musk said that there are some issues in this feature, which the company is trying to fix soon.

Users constantly complain

On Tuesday, a user named Ian Miles Cheong tweeted his complaint that when he tweeted by setting his account to private, his tweet reached more people than the public feature. Following this complaint, Musk responded by writing that this is a very “sensitive” matter and that we will remove this complaint as soon as possible. Only after this has Musk decided to do this test immediately.

Lots of changes since Musk’s takeover of Twitter

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Let us tell you that in October 2022, Elon Musk bought this microblogging site while completing his $44 billion deal with Twitter. Following this, Musk laid off more than 50 percent of Twitter’s employees to cut the company’s costs. After this, Musk has also launched many new features like ‘Twitter Paid Blue Subscription’. In this, the verified Twitter account has to pay a fee every month.

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