emotional video | Grandma used to feed Langur bread every day with her own hands, Langur came to see her when she was sick, people got emotional after watching the video.

Photo: @ravikarkara

Photo: @ravikarkara

New Delhi : People often keep pets at home because they like it. So there are some people who feed the animals and birds around them in this way. Just as there is much love and affinity within humans. In the same way, kindness and affinity are also seen within these animals. An example of what we are currently seeing in the viral video.

Actually, the video that is going viral on social media right now. In it you can see how a baboon is loving a grandmother. Let us tell you that this viral video has been shared by a Twitter user named @ravikarkara. Sharing the video, the user wrote that this elderly mother Gray Langur, also known as Hanuman Langur, used to give him bread in the morning.

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The user also recounted that due to illness, the grandmother was unable to give the langur roti for two days, so the langur himself came to her to find out about his condition. In the video you can see that a langur is sitting near an old woman. He is seen sitting next to an old woman, stroking her head and loving her.

Significantly, the video has over 35 lakh views so far. Not only that, the video also has more than 8,000 comments. Users are also reacting to this in their own way. At the moment, the video is liking a lot.

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