Expectation of the 2023 budget New infrastructure will be built in 100 districts with high export preparation to connect with air and rail

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Special provisions can be made in the budget in the direction of connecting the most exporting districts in the country mainly by road, air and rail. According to information received from sources in India, the Ministry of Finance is working on such a proposal, according to which a separate provision should be made in the budget for new roads and infrastructure in cities needed for exports on the global front.

States with the benefit of ‘one district, one product’

According to the official related to the case, it will be launched as a pilot project in the early phase. About 100 districts can be included in this project. According to the information, many states like UP, Bihar can also be included in this pilot project with one district, one product.
The industry has raised this demand many times before the government that due to lack of infrastructure makes exports from certain places more expensive. There is a good demand for Indian products all over the world, but there are many items that lag behind the competition in terms of price.

Exercise to connect them directly with the export center

It is the effort of the government not only to establish new infrastructure in such districts, but also to directly connect them with the export centers that are being built under the new logistics policy. This will reduce the cost of transporting goods and Indian products will be more favorable in terms of price in the global market.

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Since Corona, the government’s focus on self-sufficient India has increased. In recent years, the government has taken the initiative to promote production in the country through the production based incentive scheme i.e. PLI. Now the government’s effort is going to be to remove the problems that come in the way of production and exports.

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