Farmers are taking lessons from Ambrosia Organic Farm for organic farming, know all about it

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This Ambrosia Organic Farm Rice Cake Maker specialty

With increased awareness in this age of technology, people have started to stop eating those things, which are chemical or unhealthy. People are also looking for an alternative to pizza, burger or pastry. In such a situation, Ambrosia Organic Farm has fulfilled people’s search by bringing healthy organic food with rice cake and fruit flavored peanut butter to the market.

Ambrosia Organic Farm is a well-known name for fresh, nutritious, and chemical-free produce for years. In addition to being the first organic company in the country, this farm is also a fast-growing brand in Asia.

When did it start?

The Goa-based farm was started in 1993 by David Gower and Michaela Kelleman, a couple who moved to India from London. Actually, this couple had come to India a long time ago, and influenced by the Indian culture, they decided to settle here. Making his base in Goa, he started Ambrosia Organic Farm for organic produce. It was during this time that the couple met 16-year-old Janardhan Khorate, a sensitive and determined person. Janardhan Khorate was from a simple family, who wanted to change the situation with his willpower and a different thought. Impressed by his talent, the foreign couple handed over Ambrosia Organic Farm to him in 2008. Since Khorate began running Ambrosia Organic Farm, the business has grown rapidly. An example of this is that a company that started with 10 lakhs has grown to be worth 40 crores.

Achievements in 2015

Looking at the market demand, Janardan Khorate started to bring new organic products, which are becoming the first choice of people. In the year 2015, Ambrosia Organic Farm became the first rice cake maker in the country and also started making fruit flavored peanut butter. Khorate used her knowledge of the market and his willpower to launch rice cakes and other organic foods to keep fit, earning her the nickname ‘Saladbaba’.

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