Fiji Government Decides To Speak Hindi In Parliament Also Says Deputy Prime Minister Biman Chand Prasad | Hindi language will be spoken in Fiji’s Parliament, Deputy Prime Minister said ahead of World Hindi Conference

Hindi language: The fame of Hindi, the language of India, is continuously increasing in many parts of the world. In this sequence, the 12th World Hindi Conference will be held this time in Fiji. The Foreign Office said it will be organized in their country later this month with the support of the Fiji government. Representatives from 50 countries are expected to participate in this Hindi conference. Earlier, Fiji’s Deputy Prime Minister Biman Chand Prasad said that from now on Hindi will also be spoken in the Fiji Parliament.

Speaking to the PTI news agency, he said: “There has been a slowdown in the promotion of Hindi in the last 8 to 10 years. Hindi was not being given as much priority as it should have been, but this Hindi conference will bring it up again. Our new government already made a special decision two weeks ago that now Hindi can also be used in Parliament. The previous government had banned Hindi and tribal language from being spoken in parliament, but our government changed it.

He said this about PM Modi

Apart from this, Deputy Prime Minister Biman Chand Prasad said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had visited Fiji in the year 2014. During that tour, he created a new excitement in Fiji. The relationship between Fiji and India was also filled with new enthusiasm. We have all seen how much progress has been made in India in recent years. People all over the world praise his leadership. He has thousands of fans in Fiji. If you visit Fiji again, you will be given a special welcome.

He recently met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs

Just last week, Biman Chand Prasad had met with Foreign Minister S Jaishankar. In a statement released by the Foreign Ministry, Jaishankar and Biman Chand Prasad were said to have discussed various aspects of India-Fiji development cooperation and partnership, including health and education. Jaishankar had said: ‘I had a significant meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister of Fiji, Biman Prasad. India-Fiji relations, our development cooperation and cooperation in multilateral fora were discussed. Jaishankar had said that they also exchanged views on the Indo-Pacific.

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