Find out what the cancer early detection kit is and how it will help cancer patients

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Due to neglect in changing lifestyle and eating habits, there is a rapid increase in the cases of breast cancer in women day by day. Chemotherapy has always been part of the treatment to cure breast cancer patients. But these days some of these screening tests (early detection of cancer) have been invented for the treatment of cancer, after which the cost of chemotherapy can be easily avoided. Actually, the Indian-born scientist Dr. Hemmel Amarania and his team have invented a rapid detection test. With its use, now breast cancer will be detected early. Because of this, patients will not need chemotherapy.

What is breast cancer

Cancer that forms in the cells of the breast is called breast cancer. There are more cases of breast cancer in women than in men. Better knowledge of the disease, timely treatment and increased awareness among the people have brought the death rate of this disease under control.

causes of breast cancer
Cancer that forms in the cells of the breast is called breast cancer. Image: Shutterstock

These symptoms count the blow of breast cancer

Lump in the breast that begins to appear separately in the breast.

Sensation of change in the shape and size of the breast.

Sensation of dimples in the upper skin of the breast.

Redness of the skin.

Find out what the breast cancer detection kit consists of

Generally, after increasing the risk, the patient has to go through the chemotherapy process. But with this test, the disease can be detected at the very initial stage. It also makes it very easy to deal with. The medical firm DigiStain has developed a detection kit at the London-based Imperial College and Cancer Research Center. The kit has been designed with input from around 1,500 oncologists, including pathologists. Where his trial was successful at Nottingham University Hospital and Charing Cross Hospital in London. At the same time, Apollo Group in India is also involved in its testing process at a high level.

London-based researcher and Y Combinator founder Dr. Hemmel Amarania described the technology as cheap and fast. He says that this technique has a greater than 95 percent chance of accuracy. Which is effective in providing results in less time. Not only the speed of evaluating the problem will be in hours and days. On the other hand, if we talk about the cost, then the cost of this test will also be 30 percent less than chemotherapy.

Cancer treatment will be cheaper than the correct diagnosis

The removed biopsy samples are commonly used to diagnose cancer. These are staged by histopathological protocols based on hematoxylin and eosin. The new technology, on the other hand, measures the partial concentration of nucleic acids or the nuclear-cytoplasmic chemical ratio in a biopsy section through mid-infrared imaging.

Its purpose is to evaluate the diagnostic capacity of cancer. In this sense, says Dr. Amarania, this process will be especially helpful in detecting the risk of breast cancer. What is the most common cancer found in the world.

What do Indian doctors say about this?

At the same time, Dr. Manish Singhal, Senior Consultant Medical Oncology at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi, also treated two patients through the screening test. Its cost is very less compared to chemotherapy. Which is only a quarter of that. In this regard, Dr. Singhal says that this new procedure is the best option for women who are familiar with cancer in its early stages. However, the awareness about this disease is increasing day by day. According to statistics, 60 percent of patients now come to the hospital for treatment in the initial stages.

Due to the improvement in treatment rules, there has been a significant reduction in the mortality rate. At the same time, the need for various techniques and therapies for the guidance of physicians is also felt. So that cases of breast cancer can be controlled.

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