First time in the world Doctors injected placental stem cells to save the life of the baby with a heart defect

In Britain, a child’s life was saved by injecting donor stem cells into his heart. The doctors developed stem cells from the placenta. This is the first operation of its kind in the world. Its success has led the way in saving the lives of children suffering from heart disease from birth. These children may not have to undergo many operations in the future. It was a trial, which was successful. The researchers hope that clinical trials of this technique will begin in the next few years.

In 2020, doctors reportedly injected a boy named Finley with umbilical cord blood stem cells because he had congenital heart disease and had also failed an operation to repair two of his heart’s arteries.

Today after 2 years the ending is perfect. The researchers have also improved the “stem cell cast” technique. With their help, children who have a hole in the heart or problems with blood vessels and valves can be treated. To put it simply, children who have heart disease from birth will not need many open-heart operations. They can be made healthy by using the ‘stem cell cast’ technique.

Hundreds of thousands of babies are born with heart problems around the world. The techniques currently used for its treatment are not effective for a long time. For example, if we talk about the valve of the heart, then it is necessary to change the valve when the child grows up.

Researchers hope the ‘stem cell cast’ will be better for children’s hearts. Its clinical trials are expected to begin in the next few years.

Finley’s parents were reportedly already prepared for the trial, as Finley’s chances of survival were not very high. She had also undergone surgery, which failed. After this, the doctors tried a new treatment. She developed stem cells from the placenta. They were injected into the boy’s heart, so that the boy’s damaged arteries would heal. The trial is successful and Finley recovers.

what’s up placenta

It is a temporary organ that develops only during pregnancy. It nourishes the growing fetus in the womb. This helps keep the child healthy. It is fixed to the wall of the uterus and from this the umbilical cord of the child comes out.

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