Former Russian army officer Konstantin Yefremov admitted to brutally interrogating a Ukrainian soldier

Former Russian soldier: Former Russian soldier Konstantin Efremov said in an interview that he used to shoot Ukrainian soldiers and threaten to rape them. Konstantin Efremov is a former senior officer in the Russian army. He openly confessed to torture. He said that now Russia considers him a traitor and a traitor.

Giving an interview to the BBC, the former soldier said that near the south of Ukraine we had brutally treated the Ukrainian soldier for about a week. We used to do this day and night and sometimes we used to do that job twice a day. Several times Konstantin Efremov tried to resign from the army, but he was fired for refusing to return to Ukraine. He now he has fled from Russia.

Ex-military presented photos

Citing photos and military documents provided by Efremov, the BBC confirmed that he was stationed in the Ukrainian city of Melitopol and in the Zaporizhzhya region at the start of the war. The former Russian soldier said that he had arrived in Crimea on February 10 last year, which was annexed by Russia from Ukraine 9 years ago. He was the head of the 42 battalion of the mine clearance unit. He used to go to participate in military training. The ex-soldier recounted that he used to loot in the zone occupied by Ukraine. Those people used to fight with the imprisoned soldiers from Ukraine. The ex-soldier also produced his own army papers as evidence.

used to break the teeth of Ukrainian soldiers

Konstantin Efremov said that he used to go with his army unit, he used to put his own Z mark on the place where he used to go. Z markings were used on his weapons and vehicles. The Z mark stood for special military operation. He said that he wanted to leave all these things, so my commander called me a coward and a traitor. I dropped the gun and left. I wanted to officially quit the job, but they threatened me with phone calls. They threatened me with imprisonment for up to ten years. We used to break the teeth of the Ukrainian soldiers that were stuck in their heads and we used to strip them.

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