France can exclude Russia from the Paris Olympics if the war continues Ukraine appeals. France may exclude Russia from Paris Olympics if war continues, Ukraine appeals

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia - India TV Hindi

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Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

New Delhi. Russia’s dream of participating in the Paris Olympics could be shattered if the war with Ukraine continues. In case of not stopping the attack on Ukraine, France has indicated to show Russia the way out. Let us tell you that the preparations for the Olympic Games in Paris have already begun. Just a few days ago, Ukraine posted a tweet calling for Russia to be excluded from the Paris Olympics. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s appeal to not allow Russia to play in the Paris Olympics via tweets has already started to show its effect.

The mayor of Paris has clearly stated that Russia will not be able to participate in the Olympic Games if the war continues. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has said Russia will not allow her team to compete in next year’s Paris Olympics if it continues to attack Ukraine. Hidalgo had previously said that Russia’s players would be allowed to play under a neutral flag, but she backtracked in an interview with local outlet France Info on Tuesday. Hidalgo acknowledged that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) would have the final say on the matter, but she believed that Russian athletes should be banned as long as Russia continues its war against Ukraine. She said: “It is not possible for the Russian delegation to come here and take part in the parade while the bombs continue to rain down on Ukraine.”

Ukraine’s message filled with tweet

Ukraine has made two separate tweets about the Paris Olympics. In the first tweet, Ukraine has written that you want to see Russia in the Olympic Games in Paris?… In this video, Ukraine has shown a Russian player, who is aiming at the target, but the Ukrainian in the video is hit for his people are shown dying. Through this video, Ukraine wants to send a clear message to the world that Russia, which is responsible for the bloodshed of Ukrainians, must be shown the way out of the Olympic Games.

In its second video, Ukraine showed Putin running with the Olympic torch in a T-shirt. In it, blood splatters are seen under Putin’s feet and on his face, hands and body. The white flag of Russia is also shown red with blood stains. A cartoon has been made and Bloody Olympics has been written on it.

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